Code Done Right!


This site was born out of boredom, too much free time and necessity.

Initially I wanted a website where I could dump VBA code since I couldn’t email it to myself at work due to various reasons, but grabbing it from a website was ok.

Once I realized that playing around with your very own web server is fun the focus shifted.

In its current form the website will focus mainly on tutorials on how to run a Raspberry Pi powered server server that is capable of hosting a website, email and ftp among other things. Tutorials will keep coming as I want to learn to operate as many services as I can.

Benefit of self-hosting is that you can have your very own personal part of the internet that is yours alone and costs next to nothing in the long run with quite low starting cost.

Ever wanted to set up an email service or wondered how it is done? Do you want a personal cloud service like Dropbox but with unlimited space? How about a home server for movies? Website about your next project that you will share with your friends and family in hope they at least take a look? If the answer is yes then follow tutorials on this site.

All this, and more, will be covered on this page. Stay tuned. I hope you learn something.

This server runs on Raspberry Pi 4B with FLIRC case and the official RPi power supply