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Debian Deployment Helper

If you have multiple PCs at home and you want all of them to have the exact same Debian setup, look no further!

Debian deployment helper aims to streamline the process of setting up a fresh Debian netinst installation, no GUI yet, absolutely nothing installed. I wanted to have exact same experience on all my devices so I thought I’d write something to help me unify all my PCs.

Usage is simple and intuitive, user is asked a series of questions and when all is in order – just execute the script and boot to GUI with all packages installed!

You can tweak the script by changing and so it reflects what YOU want on your system. Rest are just a quality of life things I do on every fresh install.

Check it out on GitHub –

In future I will write something similar for Ubuntu, but as I have only one Ubuntu device, I am in no rush at all.

And I hope you learn something!

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